Alternative Version by Sonel and Snakelady

Snakelady's Dutch Tutorials
translated into English by Sonel
with permission from the creator, Snakelady

 Snakelady's Original Tutorial here in Dutch

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What you need for this Tutorial:

Eye Candy 4000 - Glass
If you don't have this Plugin, then you can make this tutorial without using it.

Download all the Supplies HERE

The lovely tube is by Vicky Flores
You may only use the tube if you add her � copyright to it.

The doodle is by Yez.

The Gradients "Rood-oranje-geel.PspGradient" and the "spring.PspGradient"
were used and included it in the Supplies. 
You are welcome to use any other Gradients to go with your tube and image.

Place the "Rood-oranje-geel.PspGradient" and "spring.PspGradient"
 in the Gradients Folder and open the rest of the Supplies in PSP.

Use this pencil to show you where you are in the tutorial.
Just left click on it and drag it to where you want it to go.
The pencil will stay in position until you close your browser.

 Drag the Pencil
Drag and Drop Script: Dynamic Drive (

Open a New Image : 600 x 600 White.

Layers - New Raster Layer

Flood Fill this layer with the Gradient : rood-oranje-geel, Angle : 45, Repeats : 0,
with the following settings:

Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image :
Look in the Source Window for : tyleress_Mask 1, and apply with the following settings:

Layers - Merge - Merge Group.

Set the Opacity on : 85.

Open the Doodle by Yez as we are first going to work with that.

With the Magic Wand, select all the Flower leaves and
Flood Fill it with the rood-oranje-geel Gradient.

Selections - Select None.

With the Magic Wand select all the leaves
and Flood Fill with the Gradient : spring, Angle : 45, Repeat: 0.

Selections - Select None.

Now, select the stems and Flood Fill with a Dark Green Colour : #708165.

Selections - Select None.

Select the Flower Hearts and Flood Fill with the Dark Red colour : #7b0000

Selections - Select None.

Effects - Plugins - Eye Candy 4000 : Glass, with the following settings:

Your doodle is now finished and you can save it with a new name.

Copy the Doodle and Paste as New Layer.

Move to the left.

We are going to play around with the Doodle and make it a little bit prettier.

Activate the Freehand Selection Tool : Point to Point

Create a Seleciton around these 3 Flowers (see example):

Copy this Selection.

Selections - Select None

Paste as New Layer.

Image - Mirror - Image - Flip.

Move down to the left of your image.

Activate the Doodle Layer again (Raster 1)
and with the Freehand Selection Tool
select this leaf in the top right of your image and Copy it.

Press Delete en Deselect.

Paste it as New Layer (it's still in the Clipboard Memory)
Move to the left.

Layers - Duplicate - Image - Mirror.
Move it to the left (see example)

Activate the Layer of the Doodle again (Raster 1).

Select the Flower down on the right of your image and Copy it.

Selections - Select None.

Paste as New Layer

Image - Flip - Image - Mirror.
Move to the top left of your image.

Lock the White Background Layer (Background) and
the Mask Layer (Group -Raster 1).

Layers - Merge - Merge Visible.

Effects - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow : 1-1-50-12 Black

Unlock the Layers again.

Activate the Top Layer.

Copy the tube (vikiflokiVerando.pspimage) and Paste as New Layer.

Move it to the right and arrange the Layer below the Layer of the Doodle.

Apply the same Drop Shadow.

Copy the  "copyrightlaag" and Paste as New Layer and move it to the right of your image.

Place your watermark and name.
For this I used the Font : RetroReproJF, OR you can use a Font of your choice.
You can also apply the Glass Effect to your Text.

Layers - Merge - Merge All (Flatten).

Alternative Version by Snakelady

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Alternative Version by Sonel

"When Morning Comes" Tube � Lelanie

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I hope you had much pleasure in doing this tutorial.
Please leave the names and watermarks on the tubes intact.
Do not use anything without Snakelady's permission and NO hot-linking please.
If you want to use her tutorial for other purposes, please ask permission first.
Snakelady 23-04-09 All Rights Reserved.